Radio Everywhere

8 September 2020 / by Met Radio
Radio Everywhere Header

Radio Everywhere is a Met Radio project with the aim of uplifting community voices and getting them onto the airwaves. From November 2020 to September 2022, we’re working in collaboration with community organizations to produce pieces that showcase the work they’re doing, and to provide a platform for them to tell their own stories.

With these collaborations, we hope to introduce our listeners to organizations working in their community. Through interviews, produced profiles, limited series, and Public Service Announcements, we are putting their voices on air and sharing their unique perspectives. We’re also providing training to our partner organizations, to help create meaningful connections between the station and the community that will last far beyond September 2022. 

To listen to all the pieces produced through the Radio Everywhere project, check out this playlist.

This project is funded and made possible by the Community Radio Fund of Canada.