Story Planet

8 January 2021 / by Quinton Bradshaw
A drawing of a UFO next to the words "Story Planet", and surrounded by planets, each labelled to represent an area of Toronto

Story Planet is a nonprofit organization dedicated to amplifying the voices of children and young people in Toronto’s underserved communities. Their creative writing workshops inspire the imagination, build critical literacy and communication skills, and nurture in young people a belief in the value of their ideas and lived experiences. Visit their website to learn more about their programs!

And be sure to check out the Story Planet Podcast, co-produced by CJRU and Story Planet: it’s an auditory adventure made by kids, for kids (and the adults who love them)!

Come along as we share stories, songs, poems, interviews, and the unpredictable travel antics of our rotating cast of co-captains. Will they ever make it to Story Planet? What stories will they gather along the way?

Join us on this journey of imagination to find out!