Climate Justice TO

7 January 2022 / by Quinton Bradshaw

Climate Justice Toronto (CJTO) is a grassroots group of young people across the Greater Toronto Area who seek to build an irresistible and powerful movement to stop the climate crisis by confronting its root causes: capitalism, colonialism and white supremacy.

Climate Justice Radio, produced by CJTO, covers a wide range of issues connected to Climate Justice: everything from how to get involved, to climate anxiety and solidarities across movements. Their goal is to engage Climate Justice Radio listeners in the co-creation of the climate justice movement that is playful, accessible and intersectional. They are highlighting local stories of organizing, art making and community building.

CJRU is pleased to support CJTO in this project by airing episodes of Climate Justice Radio, lightly edited to fit the time constraints of our on-air schedule.