‘Weird Faith’: Madi Diaz’s Take on the Good, Bad and Ugly of Falling in Love

23 February 2024 / by Avery Hickman
Madi Diaz Wierd Faith
Madi Diaz Weird Faith
Released: February 9, 2024
Label: Anti Records
Country / Folk / Indie Rock
boygenius / Kacey Musgraves / Maggie Rogers
“Same Risk” , “Kiss the Wall”, “Don’t Do Me Good”

Three years after her big break, Madi Diaz continues the streak of gripping and honest folk-inspired pop and falls in love with Weird Faith. Born and raised In Greenwich, Connecticut, Madi Diaz had a long, successful career before her recent rise as a singer-songwriter. After her time at Berklee College in Boston, Diaz has been Nashville-based, writing for artists like Ke$ha and Little Big Town and TV shows like Pretty Little Liars. In 2021, she released her stellar fifth studio album, History of a Feeling and was given the opportunity of a lifetime: the chance to open for the pop megastar Harry Styles. 


Diaz spent two nights with Harry on tour, both at Toronto’s Scotiabank Arena. This life-changing opportunity gave her a devoted fan base in the city, myself included, as I was hooked on Diaz after hearing her brilliant and emotional set two nights in a row. She went on to tour in Styles’ band on the last leg of the Love on Tour run. This publicity only built up the anticipation around her next project, and Weird Faith does not disappoint. This project marks Diaz’s sixth studio album, and she is as vulnerable and magnificent as ever.  There is a connecting line between this album and her last project, as she and co-producers Sam Cohen and Konrad Snyder maintain her signature guitar-based sound while playing up the drums she uses so well. The production on this record teeters between instrumental elements and synthesizers in a way that pays homage to its Nashville roots while staying lowkey enough to highlight Diaz’s words. This said, Madi Diaz’s greatest strength is undoubtedly her vocal power, an element that instantly grips you upon first listening. Few artists can reach the sheer volume that Madi Diaz’s voice can, captivating the listener immediately. Alongside her voice, Diaz uses her writing chops to explain the complexity and anxiety of falling in love. This combination makes the listener resonate with the achingly emotional tracks, making up Weird Faith’s excellence.


The album opens with its lead single and highlight, “Same Risk,” as Madi Diaz establishes the apprehension of opening up to a new partner. This song perfectly sets the tone for the album as we are taken on the journey of this blossoming relationship. Diaz assures that she will give this partner “all she’s got” but wants to ensure they are on the same page, singing, “Do you think this could ruin your life? Cause I can see it ruining mine”. This song encapsulates the record’s theme, as Diaz is terrified to be completely vulnerable. We see her fall entirely in love on the sixth track, “Kiss The Wall.” As she is “happy to fall,” we see her grow more at peace as she repeatedly explains that “Nothing is a waste of time” when she is with her partner. She is excited to meet milestones like meeting her partner’s family, moving together, and getting married. Diaz produces this track with Snyder, and it is clear that the production is at its peak here. The vibrant drums and electric guitar are as compelling as her lyrics, simulating the intensity and overwhelming feeling of falling madly in love. 


One of the most notable moments on the album (and in Madi Diaz’s career) is her collaboration with Nashville darling Kacey Musgraves on “Don’t Do Me Good.” The two are a perfect musical match. This solemn, almost bluesy track explains the pain and resentment of being in a tumultuous relationship but feeling stuck, hoping the idealized version of your relationship will reignite. Musgrave’s soft, airy voice pairs gorgeously with Diaz’s grit in every harmony, taking on the roles of the delicate voice used towards the partner and the fire she has inside. 


Weird Faith is a must-listen for any alternative pop fan. Madi Diaz is refreshingly honest on each track, giving a voice to every emotion we are afraid to say out loud. This bravery is felt at each moment of the record, whether through her belting, the pounding drums or haunting lyrics. If you are a Kacey Musgraves, Maggie Rogers or Harry Styles fan, you must start diving into Madi Diaz, and Weird Faith is an incredible place to start.