Feeling Down? Try These Mood Booster Tunes

6 July 2021 / by Fiorella D’Andrea

What most may call “boring” music is scientifically proven to be a mood booster.


During the COVID-19 pandemic, most of us have often felt isolated, stressed and uncertain. Fortunately, we have ambient and chill music to relax our nerves. Experts have found that ambient songs increase concentration and submerge you into the present moment, therefore helping you fend off anxiety. “Music activates many regions in the brain, including those associated with emotion and memory,” states The Global Council on Brain Health (GCBH) Music Report. Ambient music, specifically, is like an environmental soundtrack.  


To get you through another pandemic summer, here are four Canadian ambient musical artists to boost your spirits. Whether you’re studying, working or even meditating, these are songs that not only sound good but will hopefully put you in a good mood too.


Tranquility with Alaskan Tapes – “And, We Disappear”

Toronto-based producer, Alaskan Tapes, uses soft sounds, mysterious synths and slow melodies to create organic, restful masterpieces. For Us Alone, his recent album features powerful overtones, vinyl and surprisingly, some rock guitar and string assemblies. These musical elements are all integrated seamlessly into the harmonious atmospheric soundscapes. Minimalistic ambient music like Alaskan Tape’s albums can boost concentration, making it a great genre to study. 


Raw energy with Souns – “Sun Inside the Sun” (Loscil Remix)

My favourite six minutes to listen to while studying or feeling sad is music by Michael Red (a.k.a. Souns). He includes natural-sounding synths and beautifully chaotic arrangements into his organic pieces. Based in Vancouver, this prolific ambient artist’s music warms the heart and creates a comfortable solitude for the listener. 


Get emotional with Powfu feat. Rxseboy, Sarcastic Sounds & Ayleen Valentine – “the way that you see me” 

The reigning talent: Powfu is the megastar of lo-fi rappers. From Vancouver, Powfu’s music will make you feel less alone— no matter what you’re going through. His minimalistic melodies, dusty drums and vastly emotional lyrics about everything from depression to searching for your dreams make his songs like an empathetic friend.


Cosmic R&B with Shay Lia – “High Up”

Shay Lia is a singer/songwriter from Montreal and a frequent collaborator with KAYTRANADA. Shay Lia created this tranquil but rhythmic song, “High Up.” Her music will not only energize your body but the electric guitar and drums will also improve your mood. Her spontaneous rhythm and uplifting lyrics will take you to Cloud Nine.


The genres of ambient and chill music benefit your mental health, as research has shown that they transport you into a calm and soothing expanse. Listening to ambient and chill songs can be an excellent way to heal and smile! 


If you listened to any of these artists or have your own ambient music recommendations, let us know what you thought by reaching out to us on social media at @CJRU1280 on Twitter and Instagram!