ZZ Archive: Speaking For Change

Hosted by Kiké Roach

An archive program.

In 2011, Toronto Metropolitan University’s very first Social Justice Week took place. Founded by Winnie Ng, the idea was to have one week a year dedicated to raising awareness and inspiring action. Continued under the stewardship of Unifor National Chair in Social Justice and Democracy, Kiké Roach and Salmaan Khan, Social Justice Week has brought together TMU students, staff, faculty, and the broader community to talk and think about justice, democracy, political mobilization, labour, Indigenous sovereignty, student movements, the environment, disability, anti-racist and feminist activism, the arts, community building, and more.

The fall of 2022 marked the final edition of Social Justice Week. A dozen years of events has left behind a valuable archive of recordings, touching on issues that remain extremely relevant today. Hosted by Kiké Roach, Speaking for Change is a twelve-week series that will present a new recording of a Social Justice Week event every Thursday and Sunday morning. Tune in to hear challenging, inspiring, and essential conversations, as we reflect on and celebrate the work of progressive change-makers.

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