Wares – Wares

1 December 2020 / by Nate Gurarie
Album Image for Wares - Wares (Released 2017-10-06  by Double Lunch Records)

Wares is the first full length album, but fourth release of the musical project of the same name from Edmonton based songwriter Cassia Hardy.


The album as a whole is a folk punk take on small town wanderlust, romance, and the desperation of “There has to be more out there than this.”


As the musician herself writes in the band bio: “From teeth rattling electric convulsions to soft-spoken acoustic refrains, the musical inflections explored on each Wares release are as varied as they are enthralling.” And it’s true. Songs like “Jeremiah” and “Out All Night” sound like they could have been written during the American folk revival of the 60’s- with their grand storytelling and simple instrumentation, but then a song like “Dirt” will be right in between, heavy with chaotic distortion and a haunting saxophone wavering over everything like an aural blanket.


“Keeping Me Awake” is a stand-out track. While most of the album melds charming folk and noise punk, this song has a new wave sound reminiscent of The Cure, The Smiths, or even Pulp.


This album truly takes you on a journey. From the first track “City Kids,” which takes you on a lovely stroll accompanied by jaunty whistling, the album divulges you with fairy tales like “Sleepwalker,” and sends you to bed with its last track “Die Here,” leaving you with concern for the narrator and hopes that she finds what she’s looking for.


Wares has a very unique and outstanding sound. I love Cassia Hardy’s lyrical imagery and I’m sure the band puts on a hell of a show, if only they could come to Ontario.