Voyager Emerge From Hiatus With Fearless in Love

28 September 2023 / by Anastazja Marut
Voyager "Fearless in Love" album cover
Album reviews
Voyager 2023
Released: July 14, 2023
Label: Season of Mist
Progressive Metal / Rock
Teramaze / VOLA
Dreamer, Promise, Gren (Fearless in Love)

Voyager shows no sign of slowing down with the release of their eighth studio album, Fearless in Love.


Progressive metal band Voyager has been around since 1999, but they are anything but antique. Ever-evolving, the Australian band has taken inspiration from the diversity of 80s sounds and created a fusion with modernized rock and electronic tunes to create the perfect blend of old and new, always staying true to their sound.


In the lead-up to the record’s release on July 14, the band released four singles and participated in the Eurovision Song Contest—a music competition held annually in Europe. Voyager qualified for the grand final on May 13 and finished ninth overall with “Promise,” the seventh track and third single off Fearless in Love. Their time spent in Europe garnered them a slew of new fans from across both the continent and the globe. With all of this under their belt, they announced the release date of their newest album only two days later.


Voyager is known for their vibrant and electric sound, and while they do deliver in that regard, it takes some time for the album to really get going. The record begins with “The Best Intentions,” a decent track that certainly aligns musically with the other ten, but is far from being a standout. From there, the album slowly makes an effort to pick up, though it takes until around the fourth track—nearly halfway through—for there to be any hint of redemption. Coincidentally, the fourth track is “Dreamer”, one of the first singles released off the album and their first attempt at a trip to Eurovision. The song earned the band second place in Australia Decides, the country’s national music competition. It is also the first track on Fearless in Love to have a more distinguished sound. Now, there seems to be a chance that the album will turn around.


The record’s most popular track, “Promise,” is by far the standout, and what earned Voyager their place in the Eurovision Song Contest. Their final outcome in the top ten was undoubtedly well-deserved, having brought a surge of energy to the stage for an already magnetic song. “Promise” features the addition of a keytar, a guitar solo, and heartfelt lyrics about having a support system through every stage of life.


Voyager’s lyricism on this record is not remarkable, though there are a handful of verses that pop out here and there which hold it together. Whether it’s “an effervescent effort to flatter” in “Gren (Fearless in Love)” or “and it’s the fire burning now with a sly smile” in “Daydream,” there are lyrics scattered throughout the record that might just make it worth a listen.


Fearless in Love has no shortage of groovy beats, synthetic tunes, and powerful guitar—or keytar—solos. If Voyager has mastered anything in their decades-long career, it’s the ability to create music that is genuinely pleasurable to listen to.