Vivek Shraya Captivates Toronto Crowd

19 May 2023 / by Abhay
“Come closer and don’t be afraid to dance, Toronto!”

The Canadian multi-hyphenate entered the room wearing a wedding dress and literally parted the crowd into cheers. Vivek Shraya’s set was presented by Venus Fest and held at 918 Bathurst on May 14, featuring music from her label debut album, Baby, You’re Projecting. Shraya also screened her short film, He Loves Me Until He Hates Me, directed by Gabriela Osio Vanden. The film teased her new album release with a compelling narrative and entrancing visuals and editing. 



Crowd favourites included dance-bops, such as “Colonizer” and “Good Luck (You’re Fucked)”, and emotional hard-hitters like “He Loves Me Until He Hates Me”. The Calgary-based artist also shared many intimate moments with the audience throughout the night. There were dance numbers, ballads, and conversations dedicated to Trans rights and Trans joy. She acknowledged all the mothers and non-binary parents in the room celebrating Mother’s Day. And she also shared her own experiences and inspiration behind the new songs — at one point even walking in the crowd, hugging her friends, while singing “I Miss My Friends”. 

Vivek Shraya was entertaining, memorable, and incredibly herself. Baby, You’re Projecting is now available on streaming platforms.