SXSW 2024: Before ‘Fallout’ Landed on Prime Video, Filly’s Interactive Activation Drew a Crowd in Austin, Texas

15 April 2024 / by Nicole. Soroka
The Fallout Experience
SXSW 2024: Before ‘Fallout’ Landed on Prime Video, Filly’s Interactive Activation Drew a Crowd in Austin, Texas
Fans and festival-goers had a chance to test their luck in the wasteland and find out whether they’d survive a nuclear fallout.

Prime Video’s latest original series brings the beloved Fallout video game franchise to life. The series welcomes viewers into the world of Filly, a town outside of the Vaults, over 200 years after the nuclear fallout following WWII. When Lucy MacLean leaves Vault 33 in an attempt to find her father, she encounters a slew of new individuals and barriers to overcome. 


After its initial first few days of release, Fallout received mainly positive reviews from critics and fans alike, with an outstanding focus on the starring cast members’ performances and its ability to remain true to the video game franchise. 


Prior to its public release on April 10, South by Southwest festival-goers had an opportunity to enter the world of Filly and experience life outside of the Vaults for themselves, thanks to the creative minds at Prime Video.


The activation began by entering the interactive world through a sewer tunnel, receiving almost-warm greetings from local residents. Participants quickly learned that their secret to survival was obtaining Nuka-Cola bottle caps through their engagement with scavenger quests and skill-testing demonstrations. Through the use of the ‘Vault 33 Resident Portal (Va.R.P.),’ guests were tasked with finding nine hidden pre-apocalypse artifacts throughout the exhibit. If they were able to accomplish this mission, participants would receive a Nuka-cola bottle cap for every object they located and scanned. 



Guests were also encouraged to practice their skills at the shooting gallery with the ‘Junk Jets’ and round up taxidermied animals with their new-found lassoing abilities. If participants performed well, they would receive a handful of bottle caps in exchange for their help. However, guests had to stay vigilant, as the wandering lazeabouts and agitated locals were eager to make a trade with anyone who crossed their path. 



During their time in Filly, participants certainly didn’t go hungry. As a part of the experience, guests could try local delicacies including Fancy Lad Snack Cakes or a slice of ass jerky. To wash it all down, guests could grab their own bottle of Nuka-Cola (to which they hopefully kept their bottle cap for safe keeping).



After their meal, participants headed over to the local dentist, who may or may not have pulled out a tooth or two. With the use of a slight anesthetic (or a hidden tap to the shoulder), the dentist was working at record speed, seeing countless patients in her care over the span of the day.



 Before the final stop, visitors got to snap a pic with Fallout’s paw-fect canine character, Dogmeat! 



Once participants had visited each stop in Filly, it was time to trade in their bottle caps at Ma June’s, the local sundries and trading post, and say goodbye to the futuristic Filly.



Overall, this event was a pleasure to attend, fully immersing fans into the world of Fallout. As someone who isn’t familiar with the video game, this activation enticed me to tune into the Fallout television series. It was immersive from start to finish, with character actors at every corner entertaining visitors while they waited in line for their next game. From the music to the challenging games and delicious sweet treats, Prime Video knocked it out of the park with this festival activation. 


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You can now stream Fallout on Prime Video.