Josh Ross Sticks It Out for Fans During a Widespread Power Outage in Pickering

29 January 2024 / by Nicole. Soroka
Josh Ross perfoming on stage
Josh Ross Sticks It Out for Fans During a Widespread Power Outage in Pickering
After multiple delays and bouts of possible false hope, this Ontario-born country singer ensured his fans experienced the show they came to see

What started as a normal night at The Arena at Pickering Casino Resort on January 25th quickly turned to chaos as the venue experienced a power outage that affected many individuals across Pickering and Ajax. 


Josh Ross, a rising name in country music across Canada and the United States, was set to take the stage at 7:30pm for his third stop on The Trouble Tour, with many fans already having lined up at the venue by 5:30pm. However, when the resort lost power just as they were set to admit fans into the arena, it put an abrupt stop to the evening’s plans. Ticket holders were given many updates throughout the following few hours, until they were admitted into the arena just after 8pm. 


Attendees were told the power was expected to return between 8:45pm and 9pm, at which time the concert would proceed as planned. The concession stands were unable to open until the power was restored, which resulted in many fans lining up ahead of time to beat the inevitable rush when the power did return. 


When the issue was still unresolved at 9pm, Ross took to the stage to perform two songs with nothing more than his guitar. Security opened the floor-level gates and allowed everyone who was still remaining in the arena to crowd the stage, as it was the only way anyone would have a chance of hearing the songs Ross was belting out. After an impressive performance of the smash hit “Trouble” and one of his latest releases “Single Again,” Ross told fans that the show would be rescheduled and promised to perform a lengthened setlist, in order to make up for the evening’s technical difficulties. 


Fans piled out of the theatre in a hectic rush, surely aiming to beat the traffic out of the parking lot. However, just as many individuals reached the venue’s lobby, in an almost frustratingly comedic fashion, the power returned. Ticket holders rushed back to the arena’s entrance, at which time security told them to sit tight. 


Moments later, both Ross and the venue took to their Instagram stories to announce that the show would go on at 10pm. It would be about halfway through his show that Ross would later thank the staff members at The Arena for allowing him to welcome fans back into the venue for the show. Ross jokingly told the audience that the staff said, “We have a casino going 24/7, why not have music going on at the same time?” 


 For fans who were lucky enough, or smart enough, to have remained inside the theatre until the power returned, they were treated to hearing Ross’ band run through sound check before the remaining ticket holders were readmitted into the venue. Shortly after, members of the security team promptly began opening the front gates and fans were ecstatic.


Unfortunately, the delay meant that Ross’ opening act, Dillon James, could not perform as planned. However, much to fans’ delight, Ross welcomed James to the stage later in the night to perform a duet. 


Ross took the stage just after 10pm and lit up the theatre with an array of cheers, songs and pure delight. It was clear that the delays did not cause a loss of energy in either the singer, his band or the audience and proved how successful Ross has been at building a fanbase who shares his love for country and the art of live music. 


During the show, Ross performed various original songs including a piano performance of “First Taste of Gone,” “Red Flags,” “Tall Boys” and “Truck Girl.” The crowd echoed Ross’ lyrics back at him as they sang along to his hour-and-a-half setlist. 


While on stage, it’s clear that Ross has a strong passion for his career and loves what he does. He has electric stage presence and a strong, loyal fanbase. His voice is strong and it is not until he is playing softer, acoustic songs that listeners can hear how powerful it truly is. 


Ross also sang multiple covers including an acoustic version of 4 Non Blondes’ hit, “What’s Up?” He followed with a beautiful performance of the Goo Goo Dolls’, “Iris,” at which time the arena was lit up in a sea of purple and white lights. Audience members held their phone flashlights up in the air and moved them back and forth to the beat of the tune. 


The singer also treated the audience to performances of two of his own unreleased songs, including, “She Don’t Smoke.” He even let the audience in on a secret and shared that fans can expect new music in the coming few months.


While the night was certainly off to a rocky start, the concert itself was spectacular. Ross put on an engaging show that fans undoubtedly loved to be a part of. As Ross is a young artist and continues to grow in his career, it is very telling that fans patiently waited well into the night for a chance to see him perform. Ross’s career is surely bound to continue flourishing, and there is no telling what accomplishments he’ll reach next.