Ghostly Kisses-Heaven, Wait

4 April 2022 / by Sim Dhillon
Heaven, Wait by Ghostly Kisses album cover
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Ghostly Kisses Heaven, Wait
Released: January 28, 2022
Label: Coyote Records and Akira Records
Alternative / Indie Pop
Lyves / Tusks / Zabawa
Blackbirds, Clay, Play Dead

Calming, dreamy and full of emotions. This 10-song album is all of the above, and more. With her ethereal voice and melancholic lyrics, Ghostly Kisses shows the world what she’s made of in her first album Heaven, Wait.

The Quebecois, Margaux Sauvé, otherwise known as Ghostly Kisses, has risen to the ranks with her first album placing on CJRU’s Top 30. After playing the tracks, it’s clear to see why there’s been so much buzz surrounding the release. 

Heaven, Wait is unique and a stark contrast to the more loud and in your face music of today. Ghostly Kisses provides an elegant and graceful energy throughout the album. 

The blend of a soft, soothing voice and delicate instrumentation create a perfect harmony. Sauvé croons long, high notes that are especially emphasized in “Play Dead”. The track relies solely on voice to display musical talent, in comparison to “Blackbirds”, where listeners can observe an arabian/south asian influence found in the utilisation of glissandos and the tabla. The oriental inspired track may be a showcase of appreciation for Ghostly Kisses’ large middle eastern following. 

Heaven, Wait has been carefully crafted to display Sauvé’s strengths, but with the exception of “Blackbirds” and “Play Dead” there’s a clear lack of variety in the album. Many of the songs blend together, making it difficult to tell when a song ends and a new one starts. While Margaux Sauvé may have stayed in her own realm musically, Heaven, Wait is completely out of her emotional comfort zone.

Many describe the music of Heaven, Wait as haunting, an art expression of dark thoughts. Like many artists, Sauvé’s music is a means of catharsis. The sad theme of her work stems from her difficult experiences in life. 

Ghostly Kisses’ album is not mindless music, it is finding tranquillity in hardship. The artist herself said “Heaven, Wait is about many transitions: from friendship to love, life to death, solitude to relationship, childhood to adulthood. A transition from the shadows towards the light, from difficult experiences to being at peace with them.” 



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Heaven, Wait is a reminder to listeners that they will get through life’s rough patches, and they are not alone.

In shorter words, for meticulously created music that pierces through you, listen to Ghostly Kisses’ first album: Heaven, Wait