2 December 2020 / by Bana Yirgalem
Future and Lil Uzi Vert - Pluto x Babu Pluto album cover

From Atlanta to Philadelphia, and now out of this world, Pluto and Baby Pluto are back like they never left. The duo has united forces in dropping their highly anticipated collaborative album Pluto x Baby Pluto. This album follows the release of Lil Uzi Vert’s highly anticipated, Eternal Atake, released in March this year and Future’s High off Life following two months later in May.

Lullaby’ shows us a contemplative side rarely seen by Uzi as he delves in depth about his childhood trauma and how it drastically changed the way he perceives relationships. In ‘Rockstar Chainz’ Future also lets it be known that he is wary of those around him and is still the most authentic compared to those in his circle.


Stripes like Burberry‘ and ‘Plastic‘ sees the two reciprocating bars, bouncing off each other’s energy, vibes, and rhymes. In the chorus of ‘Stripes like Burberry,’ the two express how they want to make their mothers proud of them, reassuring them that they don’t need to worry about the Plutos anymore. Then they come back in ‘Plastic’ flaunting everything that comes with their lifestyle.

Real Baby Pluto‘ addresses the Pluto alter egos of the duo. Uzi praised himself for his well-known fashion sense, drug use and womanizing while Future, known for the same, follows Uzi’s lead. Not shying away from it, Uzi’s performance in ‘Million Dollar Play‘ shows off his versatile flows. From the beat drop of the song, he starts to “Shoot it up” with flow switches, bouncing from money talks to the trap lifestyle to the worries of people still trying him.

The use of futuristic production mixed with trap beats in songs like ‘Marni on Me‘, ‘Bought A Bad Bitch’ and ‘She has Never Been To Pluto‘ show the diverse range of sound that impacts the flow, style, and delivery on each track.

There’s a reason why many were looking forward to this release, the unique improvisation of ad-libs, appealing sounds and overwhelming diversity as the duo orbits the astronomic production is a reminder that they’re on a planet of their own.