Electric Island Season Opener

22 May 2019 / by Rahul Mannapperuma
Electric Island Season Opener May 2019  | CJRU
Electric Island Season Opener

Electric Island is the best way to kick off your summer! 

As I walked into the grounds of Electric Island there were thousands of brightly coloured and happy EDM enthusiasts dancing not only by the stage but also by the food vendors, by the stalls carrying unique merchandise or anywhere they could find space really. With the Raptors doing so well in the playoffs, one Raptors/EDM fan even had the team flag waving back and forth in the middle of the Moog Audio Stage audience. There were a lot of good vibrations all around.


The May 2-4 weekend was the first of this year’s series of long weekend electronic shows and it was my first time attending.  Actually, this was my very first EDM festival in general and to say I enjoyed it is a huge understatement.


But the energetic crowd with a fun style was not the only thing that caught my attention: I was taken aback by the gorgeous view of the water, the airport and the city skyline visible from the stage as DJ Sneak performed his set. The crowd was patch at the start of his set but as he mixed hits like Childish Gabino’s “This is Amerikkka” the audience filled in until there wasn’t a patch of ground to be seen.


The inclusivity and diversity was the coolest thing about the whole experience. I was always under the impression that EDM was for a younger crowd but as I saw at the festival, Electric Island is a place for everyone and anyone.


I walked the grounds towards the vendors and noticed that many people were taking pictures next to the gigantic sign that read “Electric Island” in hard to miss colours. There were many different food options available. Vendors included Funnel Cake Dream, Champion, Delight Bite, Curbside Dogs, Kitchen Empire and they had halal food options too. To top it off, you had options to shop clothing, accessories and even other personal items.


Moving on to the main stage, the beat dropped on headliner Bedouin’s set and the large flashing lights surrounding the area pulsed in sync to the rhythm. The stage was decorated with three white  geometric cubes that arched over the artist making the performance almost impossible to ignore. Girls towered over the audience as they sat on the shoulders of their friends holding colourful flags and cheering as Bedouin kept the party going with the larger and much louder crowd.


The true beauty of Electric Island took full form as the sun started to set and the light show began peeking through. The crowd became a dark background littered with neon lights and the only thing you could hear was the amazing music unfiltered by any of your other senses.


If this sounds like something you’re into and you’re looking to check out festival series later on in the summer, the dates are as follows: June 22, August 10 and 31, and September 1. You can get GA and VIP passes online!


VIP passes are something to consider because as a VIP wristband holder, I was allowed access to a separate part of the audience that has a fence around it. The area had a good view of the main stage and it was closer. Not only that, but the VIP area had its own amenities like portable washrooms,  bar and picnic tables. This one is for the books!

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