Drake’s new collab album ‘Her Loss’ has a couple diamonds in the rough, but the rough is pretty rough

15 November 2022 / by Owen Kropp
Her Loss album cover
Album reviews
Drake Her Loss
Released: November 4, 2022
Label: OVO under exclusice license to Republic Records a division of UMG recordings
Hip-Hop / Hip-Hop/Rap / Rap
Future / Meek Mill / Tory Lanez
Major Distribution, Broke Boys, Pussy & Millions

Drake and 21 Savage have joined forces to release a joint album titled ‘Her Loss’ which had the potential to be great, but only turned out alright.  

Spanning 16 songs, the project runs for about an hour and interestingly had no previously released singles.

The pair of Canadian-born Drake and UK-born 21 Savage have proven their chemistry over the years through their assortment of tracks, like “Sneakin,” “Knife Talk,” and “Jimmy Cooks.”

If you’re looking for lyrics with some substance to them, keep moving. From front to back, the subject matter here is pretty much just ego, fame and sex, which is fine, but be warned.

While this project certainly delivers some great tracks, there are a host of awkward lines, lazy deliveries and just bad parts that make ‘Her Loss’ seem chiefly unpolished.

The beat switch on “Rich Flex” leads us into a mean piano-centric beat and yet we get these playground-sounding bars from Drake that are just awful. 

The chorus of “On BS” is literally just 21 Savage saying the exact same thing over and over, seven times in a row. For a song that has a solid beat and some of the best verses on the project, having to endure 21 saying “On that bullshit” seven times before another verse is a chore.

Nowhere is laziness more apparent than in the Daft Punk-sampled “Circo Loco.” The sample is great, but it’s so slowed and distorted that it’s really had the life taken out of it. On top of that, both guys sound half asleep during the whole song which is disappointing because the song idea has a lot of potential. And that’s not even to mention the end of the song which features a comically bad rendition of the chorus of the original Daft Punk song.

That said, there are some solid songs here. “Broke boys” and “Major Distribution showcase what we like both artists for and are what fans were looking for.  

Furthermore, “Pussy and Millions is a standout not just because it has the only feature across the project but because it genuinely has a catchy chorus, great beat and decent verse from Travis Scott. 21’s verse is also the most lively he sounds across the whole album.

It should also be mentioned that the ratio of Drake to 21 across ‘Her Loss’ is very mismatched. To put it simply, it’s not so much a Drake and 21 Savage album as much as it is a Drake album featuring 21 Savage. To say that more 21 Savage would be appreciated would be an understatement.

This album won’t win any awards but if you like Drake or 21, you’ll generally like this album. For everything wrong with it, it does most things decently well and could have been a lot worse considering some of Drake’s previous work this year.

It’s definitely Drake’s best in years. But that doesn’t hold much gravity considering it’s his third full-length EP released in the last 15 months alone. 

It’s not an album that will turn heads or cause very much controversy and it continues the trend Drake is aiming his career towards easy-to-digest songs that try to please everybody.