CMW 2019: The Soul Motivators at Supermarket

17 May 2019 / by Nam-An Dinh
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CMW 2019: The Soul Motivators at Supermarket

The Soul Motivators rock a show at Supermarket for Canadian Music Week 2019, as part of a Do Right Music showcase.  

On any given night during Canadian Music Week, you can walk into any of the numerous venues across the city and discover a concert critical mass: whether you’re looking for moody ambient indie rock or hard hitting hip hop, you were likely to find it. On a particular Thursday night (May 9) of CMW 2019, if you were looking for a dance party, Supermarket in Kensington Market was the place to be.


Participating in a co-presented showcase by Do Right! Music and Exclaim! Magazine, Toronto’s 9 piece funk band The Soul Motivators rocked the stage.  The group consists of Nathan Dell-Vandenberg, Dominique Morier, and Thomas Moffett on horns (trombone, saxophone, trumpet, respectively), James Robinson on keyboards, Voltair Ramos on guitar, Doug Melville on drums, Marc Shapiro on bass, Nigel Pitt on percussion, and is fronted by Shahi Teruko on vocals.


With a retro inspired sound, the band got the packed Supermarket dance floor going right from the very first notes.  Taking advantage of each instrument in their lineup, the band kicked off their performance with an opening jam that saw several solos.  The jam set the tone for the rest of the performance, and as it came to its crescendo, frontwoman Shahi Teruko strolled onto the stage and launched into their next song.


The group is well known for energetic and infectious live performances, and Teruko kept up the intensity throughout, not only with her powerful voice, but with her dance moves as well, making thorough use of the remaining space on the stage.  She’d call out to her bandmates during solos, and drew the audience in with her wonderful stage presence.  By the end of the night, if you had been drifting on the outskirts of the room, you had probably found yourself on the dance floor.


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