CMW 2019: Sun K at The Rivoli

17 May 2019 / by Nam-An Dinh
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CMW 2019: Sun K at The Rivoli

Toronto Rock ‘n Rollers Sun K play a show at The Rivoli for Canadian Music Week 2019

In typical Canadian Music Week fashion, I’m stuck on a Saturday evening stumbling through a CMW schedule, trying to decide which shows I will be able to catch.  With over 25 shows going on throughout the city, some careful planning was in order.  After zipping back and forth across different venues, I was able to catch my last show of the night at The Rivoli.


Toronto Rock ‘n Rollers Sun K were performing as part of the PAA showcase.  Having just completed a mini Ontario-Quebec-Eastern Canada tour, the band, joined by some new faces on bass and drums, returned home for their first hometown show of the year.


It’s midnight, and by this point, The Rivoli’s back room is pretty much packed. 5 other acts had already took the stage in an eight artist lineup.  The atmosphere and mood in the room was terrific, and people were clearly enjoying themselves up until this point.  On come Sun K.


They begin their first tune, their edgy and melodic sound reaching from one end of the room to the other.  Frontman Kristian Montano fits a little bit of banter between songs, but the focus tonight is on playing lots of music.  A few songs later, the band launches into their song Bleeding Hearts, from their eponymous sophomore album.  The catchy guitar riff that underpins the intro, is joined by a driving lead guitar, and the song alternates between this and a sparse, bass and drum driven verse.


Sun K keeps the entire set energetic and uptempo throughout the night, Montano working the crowd with his presence.  A row of tables in front of the stage serve as an impromptu platform for him to hop onto to get the audience clapping along to the bridge during one of the songs.


There are people dancing and nodding their heads, and some are even singing along.  Tonight, Sun K came to deliver their loud and fun rock n’ roll music, and the hometown crowd was happy to receive.


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