All hail the queen of the alt-rock age

26 July 2023 / by Andy Lee
All hail the queen of the alt-rock age
Veruca Salt’s Louise Post keeps the alternative-rock flame alive on her debut solo album tour

The Seether’s still Louise.

Three decades after co-founding Veruca Salt with Nina Gordon and carrying the iconic alt-rock band through its ensuing schisms and permutations, Louise Post appeared at The Garrison in Toronto on a summer tour for her solo debut, Sleepwalker.

While clearly enthused to be there, Post unfortunately had lost her voice the night before in Montreal. Nonetheless, she persisted in leading her four bandmates through a sonic melange of fresh cuts and VS classics like “All Hail Me” and “Spiderman ’79,” with bassist Nicole Fiorentino filling in for Gordon’s vocals.

During “Queen of the Pirates,” a superfan made life imitate art by showering Post with artificial roses as she sang “I am the queen of the pirates / Sixty ships are in my fleet / I will overthrow the ocean / They’ll throw roses at my feet.” Later, Post upped the ante by gifting real long-stem roses to the mostly older audience.

Other highlights included a surprise interlude into Nirvana’s “Negative Creep” and a rousing encore featuring “Shutterbug” and “I’m Taking Europe With Me,” closing the evening with Resolver’s “Hellraiser.”

Sadly, Post fell ill after this show and postponed her remaining three tour dates with L.A. rock band The Dumes.