A touchdown at the box office with 80 for Brady

12 March 2023 / by Nicole. Soroka
80 for Brady
A touchdown at the box office with 80 for Brady
This comedy based true story will have you laughing until the final play

From director Kyle Marvin, this new film takes viewers on a journey behind the scenes to Super Bowl fifty-one. The soundtrack single titled “Gonna Be You” featuring Dolly Parton, Cyndi Lauper, Belinda Carlisle, Gloria Estefan and Debbie Harry adds to the film’s lighthearted score. Produced by Tom Brady, this sports comedy is based on the true story of the New England Patriots super fans, “Over 80 for Brady” club.

Jane Fonda, Rita Moreno, Sally Field and Lily Tomlin star as four longtime best friends who dream of one day travelling to see their hero, Tom Brady, play on the biggest stage in American sports. The group never misses a game; every time Brady takes the field, they take their usual place in Lou’s living room to watch their favourite player knock out the competition. Their commitment to the Pats began 15 years prior when the friends were celebrating Lou for completing her final round of chemotherapy. However, when a sports radio show announces their giveaway for four Super Bowl 51 tickets, the girls make it their mission to win their way to the game. Weeks pass and Lou calls the three to her house to break the news. They’re Houston bound to see Tom Brady and the Patriots fight for the Lombardi live and in person. They arrive a few days prior to the game with their passes to visit the NFL Experience and have the time of their lives. Betty competes in a hot wings challenge hosted by Guy Fieri, Trish hosts an impromptu reading for her latest Rob Gronkowski inspired novel and Lou and Maura work together to crush their rivals in the accuracy pass competition. Later that night, just when everything seems to be going perfect, Betty realizes that she lost their Super Bowl tickets that afternoon at the hot wings competition. With the NFL Experience closed for the night, the thought of missing the big game the next day sends the group into a spiral. So, will the die hard Brady fans find their tickets in time for the game or will they be cheering on their idol from a nearby sports bar?

Since its theatrical release on February 3, 2023, 80 for Brady has made almost $40 million dollars and climbing. With mainly positive reviews from the public, Tom Brady’s first time in the producer’s chair is undoubtedly another success for the now retired NFL quarterback. 

In my opinion, 80 for Brady is a heartwarming film in ways that you don’t necessarily expect when going into the theatre. Outside of the Super Bowl storyline, the friend group has a special connection with each other, especially stemming from Lou’s journey with cancer, which the movie explores in great depth. I found myself especially moved by Lily Tomlin’s character and her commitment to making a special experience for her and her friends. Even the fact that this movie is based on a true story adds to the feel-good feeling that I left the theatre with because it was a sweet and genuine film about four wonderful friends. 80 for Brady was filled with laughs and included unexpected cast members, such as Guy Fieri and Billy Porter, who only added to the enjoyment that I got out of watching this film. 

 Even if you aren’t a huge NFL fan yourself, this movie is not solely centred around football so I would definitely recommend it to anyone who loves a good comedy and heartwarming story. You can score a ticket to see 80 for Brady at your local Cineplex theatre today. In fact, Cineplex theatres are currently selling tickets for this film at their cheap Tuesday ticket pricing every day of the week; just another reason to go and watch for yourself. 

You can watch 80 for Brady at your local Cineplex theatre today.