A Dizzy Dream on the Danforth

10 November 2023 / by Andy Lee
Dizzy Concert Review
A Dizzy Dream on the Danforth
Oshawa indie darlings deliver bittersweet pop bliss on North American tour

“It would be a sick time to know how to backflip,” mused Dizzy vocalist Katie Munshaw midway through their recent all-ages show at the Danforth Music Hall. 

Donning a timeless white blouse and black tie, the blonde songstress led her band through a dreamy swirl of tracks from their new self-titled album and 2020’s The Sun and Her Scorch. Only the poignant “Joshua” emerged from their 2018 debut Baby Teeth, which meant that the ambient chill of “Stars and Moons” unfortunately did not shine that night.

New tracks included the upbeat album opener “Birthmark,” “Are You Sick of Me Yet?” (“a song about being afraid of going to therapy”) and “Stupid 4 U.” Munshaw demurely confessed that her stage banter could be better, although the audience didn’t seem to mind. Halfway through their set, she dedicated “My Girl” to all the couples in love, before quickly reassuring the sad loners in attendance that every other song in their repertoire was for them.



Munshaw warned that there wouldn’t be an encore, and lived up to her word after exiting after “Close.” Kissed by the afterglow of 90 minutes of bittersweet pop bliss, satisfied fans silently shuffled out into the crisp autumn evening. 

Ottawa’s Fanclubwallet, featuring Hannah Judge, opened with a set of atmospheric bedroom pop. 

For those who missed out, a recording of the concert will air on CBC Radio in January, with videos appearing online and on social media. Dizzy is also slated to return to Toronto on March 3, 2024, providing plenty of time for Munshaw to perfect both her banter and backflip.


Photography by Andy Lee