Toronto Votes 2022: school board trustee Norm Di Pasquale to run for Ward 11

9 September 2022 / by Daniel Centeno

In the lead up to the 2022 Toronto municipal election, CJRU is reaching out to all candidates in the downtown wards. 

After serving the communities in and around University-Rosedale as a school trustee with the Toronto Catholic District School Board, Norm Di Pasquale said he is ready to continue representing Ward 11 in city hall.

Di Pasquale, who was encouraged to run by incumbent city councillor Mike Layton, wants to make Ward 11 more affordable and be the leader in climate action.

“We should continue to make this ward a climate change fighter and continue to ensure it’s affordable to live here,” said Di Pasquale.

As an elected school trustee since 2018, Di Pasquale believes he is a familiar face the community can trust.

For affordable housing, he said his focus is on affordability and liveability for all individuals coming into the ward. He mentions the need those working, living and studying in the ward.

He acknowledges that the city is in a housing crisis and said sufficient supply and equity are necessary.

“I’m a renter, I was a renovicted last year,” he said. “I was realize the challenges in how each and everyone one of us is has become vulnerable in the system we find ourselves in.”

With tent encampments rampant and the strain on the shelter system, Di Pasquale said the unhoused need to be helped as well.

” People living in tent encampments are exercising their right to housing and we need to support them.”

For climate action, he said the goals of Transform TO like reducing carbon emissions heading in the right direction, but he wants to execute them on a larger scale. One particular project he wants to expand is to help 70 per cent of families have the ability to walk or cycle to schools. Di Pasquale said he will lobby the city to increase funding and support to ensure pedestrians and cyclists feel safe.

As election day draws closer, Di Pasquale said he wants to build trust between the electorate and its city councillors.

“There are people at city hall who are on your side and will fight for you,” he said. “There are things we can do so students do not go to school hungry, that families are fed, that our neighbourhoods are organized and supporting each other.”

More info on Norm Di Pasquale’s campaign can be found here.

Listen to Norm Di Pasquale’s full interview: