Toronto Votes 2022: Climate change activist Pierre Therrien to run for Ward 11

13 September 2022 / by Daniel Centeno

In the lead up to the 2022 Toronto municipal election, CJRU is reaching out to all candidates in the downtown wards. 

Pierre Therrien said he is running for Ward 11 University-Rosedale’s city council seat because he wants Toronto to reach its environmental and climate action goals sooner through systematic changes.

“I want to create new laws on how we deal with pollution,” he said. “Individual actions to deal with the climate crisis is not enough – systematic change is necessary.”

Therrien said he brings a voice of reason to city council that can help spearhead long-term planning for the city’s communities.

“We must decide what we want society to look like, and then works towards it.”

On the climate action front, Therrien said there are requirements for more robust regulations to remove CO2 emissions from the atmosphere.

“We have now put a price of CO2 on the atmosphere,” he said. “My position is that we tax the source.”

He is proposing a carbon tax on commercial industries across the city. He said it costs about $600 to remove one ton of carbon. His new proposed tax would charge carbon polluters $1200 for each ton.

For creating sustainability in the ward, Therrien said he draws from his travels to other cities to try and find connectivity for pedestrians and cyclists.

He said Toronto’s water font as an example of an area that requires more accessibility and safer, freer paths.

He said cars should not be allowed to share paths with the ones made exclusive for pedestrians and cyclists. He cites Vancouver’s sea wall as an inspiration for transforming the waterfront.

Prior to launching his campaign, Therrien was an authorized nuclear operator for 30 years prior to retirement.

Along with his intentions to run for Ward 11’s council seat, he is seeking the leadership of the Ontario Liberal Party.

More information on Therrien’s campaign can be found here.

Listen to Pierre Therrien’s full interview: