Toronto MP asks for inquiry into province’s plans for Foundry heritage buildings

18 January 2023 / by Daniel Centeno

Toronto Centre MP Kristyn Wong-Tam said an inquiry into the provincial government’s plans for the Foundry is essential. 

This marks two years since the Ontario government purchased the Foundry, which is part of the larger plan to transform the city’s Don lands area into new waterfront housing.

The Foundry at Eastern Ave. near River St. are four industrial buildings of the Dominion Foundry Complex, all owned by the province. 

They are listed on Toronto’s heritage register, but the city has no power to prevent their destruction and redevelopment by the province. 

Demolition attempts by construction crews have continued since 2020, but each time the surrounding communities have fought back against these attempts. This included winning a court injunction to temporarily save the buildings. 

The local community group, Friends of the Foundry, established a website dedicated to keeping the province in check, gather and distribute information about redevelopment possibilities, and sharing the cultural and historical importance of the heritage site. 

In 2020, the group gathered more than 22,000 signatures on their petition to stop the initial demolition. 

CJRU has contacted the Friends of the Foundry for comment, and are awaiting a response. 

More details to come. 

Listen to CJRU’s coverage on the current news about the Foundry: