Ryerson name change won’t affect school colours, Provost says

6 April 2022 / by Daniel Centeno
People in white basketball jerseys in a close huddle on a team bench.

Ryerson’s Standing Strong task force provided an update on the name change process this month as the new name is expected to be announced in the coming weeks.

After it was announced in late January that the taskforce would create a shortlist of potential new names for March, provost and co-chair of the task force Dr. Jennifer Simpson addressed the status of the university’s colours, fonts and academic records including degrees.

Simpson said the colours and fonts  will stay the same, but did not confirm whether the name Rams will be kept for the varsity teams.

“This will maintain that sense of continuity not only for alumni but also for everyone at Ryerson.”

Ryerson’s name change hopes to better reflect the community and its diversity, according to Simpson and distance itself from Egerton Ryerson, the school’s namesake who was a leading figure in creating Canada’s Residential Schools System.

“I want that name to be something people can touch, like something you put your hands on, that your heart can connect to, your head can connect to,” said Simpson. “To do that, it has to be a name that bring in the diversity of our community, a name that can encompass and feel a connection, represent a connection for many people.”

In conversation with assistant dean Tanya Del Mello, Simpson provided the school’s next steps for a chosen name and what students, alumni and the community can expect in 2022-03 school year. This include the current mascot, a Ram named Eggy after Egerton Ryerson. It is being considered at the moment and can potentially change. Simpson did not confirm its status, and said that decision will be a “separate process.”

Further, Simpson said the implementation of the name change must be gradual due to the legal process needed for the full name change.

“All legal documents must reflect our current legal name – they have to lineup,” she said.

Once the name is changed, Simpson said students alumni will have different options regarding the name of the school on their diplomas.

“For student,current students, diplomas that are available at the spring 2022-2023 convocation will say Ryerson University,” Simpson said.”But over the next couple of months, we will be sharing more information with students who have applied to graduate to let students know what they can do to change their parchment.”

For alumni, they will be given a choice to keep their current diploma or can request at a later time to receive one with the updated name change.

Simpson was asked to comment on the shortlist of names the task force created and an updated timeline about the new name being fully implemented.

CJRU is awaiting a response.

More details to come.

The 22 recommendations from the Standing Strong Task Force can be found on Ryerson’s Next Chapter website here.

Listen to CJRU’s coverage of Ryerson’s name change update here: