Mayor John Tory announces all city staff must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 by Oct. 30

20 August 2021 / by Daniel Centeno
A sign with colourful letters and tall buildings outdoors

Toronto mayor John Tory announced on Aug.19 that all staff workers employed by the city are required to be fully vaccinated by Oct.30.

Starting on Sept.6 until Sept.30, all city staff must show proof of at least one vaccination.

“The city of Toronto has a duty as an employer to do everything that it can to ensure that our work environment is safe for all of our employees,” said Tory. “To that end, the city government has worked to develop a vaccination policy focused on the health and safety of our employees. Protecting our employees helps protect them and their families and loved ones, and very important as well, it protects members of the public.”

Mayor Tory says those unvaccinated or prefer to not disclose their vaccination status will be mandated to attend educational sessions on the benefits of taking the vaccine.

These workers will be required to have at least one vaccination by Sept.30, and their second by the Oct. 30 deadline.

Tory’s announcement follows Toronto’s increased efforts to ensure all eligible individuals are fully or partially vaccinated against COVID-19, including the delta variant.

“This is about protecting our entire, broader workforce of approximately 36,660 employees, and ensuring that the city government is ready to weather a fourth wave and the delta variant,” Tory said.

On Aug. 20, Toronto reported 136 new COVID-19 cases, with a total of 650 cases reported in Ontario. The 650 cases is Ontario’s highest number since early June.

The province conducted more than 28,000 tests in the previous 24-hour period. The positivity rate stands at 2.4 per cent.

Toronto has administered about 4.5 million vaccines so far with about 66 per cent of eligible Torontonians fully vaccinated, according to the City of Toronto website.

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