First Kid 2 Kid marketplace aims to fund schools supplies for local family shelter

1 June 2023 / by Owen Thompson

Kid 2 Kid, a charity to supply kids from the Red Door Family Shelter with school supplies, is holding their first ever kids marketplace at the Beaches Recreation Centre this weekend.

The Kids Marketplace is an event where kids ranging from five to 12 years old are selling craft goods that they have made. Half of all the money made will be going to Kid 2 Kid to fund their other initiatives; the other half goes to the kids themselves.

“Kids will learn that their actions have an impact. So by selling their items in this fundraising event they are not only showcasing their entrepreneurial skills but they’re also donating half of their proceeds knowingly,” says Caroline Thomson, co-founder of Kid 2 Kid. “They can see that there’s a direct link between your action and helping others.”

Building the mindset of helping others is one of the things that Thomson says is an important part of Kid 2 Kid. Thomson says that all of her kids participate in the Kid 2 Kid. She says that her kids have become more charitable towards others.

“I strongly believe that our actions are impactful and that if we work together we can help those who are less fortunate. I want my kids to know that it’s not all about what is going to help other people but also your actions, time and energy can help others,” says Thomson.

The marketplace will be going to fund their other two programs throughout the year. Their main initiative called Got Your Back gives kids at the Red Door Family Shelter brand new backpacks full of all school supplies for the year.

“We contacted the Red Door shelter and we asked what do the kids need? That’s when they brought up that unfortunately, a lot of the kids who reside at a shelter don’t have a backpack at all. They go to school on the first day with a plastic bag or not even that,” says Thomson. “[The kids] are not set up for success if they don’t have the essentials to feel comfortable to be prepared to face the day and have success at school.”

Their other program is a winter tote bag full of art supplies and other goodies for the kids to enjoy during the winter months. Kid 2 Kid is aiming to have over 100 backpacks for the kids at the shelter for the next school year.

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