Cyclist and road safety advocate comments on expanding College Street protected bike lanes

27 March 2023 / by Daniel Centeno

As one of Toronto’s largest streets, College Street is considered one of the busiest in the city.

According to the City of Toronto website, thousands of residents cycle through the corridor each day, despite the lack of protection and clear cut division from ongoing car traffic.

Plans to construct protected and elevated bike lanes began this month from Bay Street to Manning Avenue, with preliminary construction underway.

The plan hopes to ensure the lanes will be ready when the weather gets warmer and more cyclists enter the network.

Also, a motion to extend the College cycling network will be brought forward by Councillors Dianne Saxe and Alejandra Bravo that will see consultation this month.

Cyclist and road safety activist Robert Zaichkowski agrees that more can be done to expand the cycling network, as well as improve the current routes.

Zaichkowski has advocated for safer roads for more than a decade and has co-founded advocate groups and organizations for the same cause.

His focus today is to amplify local voices through outreaching and writing for his blog, Two Wheeled Politics.

He credits the city for expanding its cycling routes in the last 20 years, but said a lot of progress on increasing accessibility is needed.

Listen to Robert Zaichkowski’s full interview: