Interview with Erica Knox

30 June 2022 / by Zoha Naghar
Erica Knox sitting in a white dress on a black and white tile floor

Being a musician on the rise can be a stressful and adrenalized time. Erica Knox hopes that her future self can take things a little less seriously and enjoy the journey. 

The 25-year-old singer songwriter from the GTA spoke to Zoha Naghar about her musical journey, what’s in store for the rest of this year, and what it’s like watching real-life emotions and events come to life through her music. 

Knox speaks about her relationship with music—it has been a huge part of the up-and-coming singer’s life since she was young. In fact, there is one instrument that belonged to someone important in Knox’s life that she now uses at every show she plays.  

Knox also shares a few of her musical inspirations, such as Taylor Swift, and speaks about how these artists influence her work. She shares that whilst she draws some inspiration from these artists, she focuses on staying true to herself and writing what is authentic to what she’s going through.

She also speaks about what touring and live shows are like and how there is more music and shows coming very soon. According to Knox, her latest single ‘Make Me Happy’ is “just the start of a bigger project” that she’s working on. 

Follow Erica Knox (@ericaknox) for more music and info on up-coming shows. 

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