TIFF 2018: Akash Sherman speaks about his sci-fi drama Clara

15 September 2018 / by Nicole Di Donato
Featured Image for TIFF 2018: Akash Sherman speaks about his sci-fi drama Clara courtesy of Akash Sherman and Serendipity Point Films  | CJRU

CJRU host Nicole Di Donato sat down with Akash Sherman, who is the director and writer of sci-fi drama Clara.

Akash studied film at Ryerson University from 2014 to 2015 and has since worked as a director, editor, screenwriter, and VFX artist.

His latest film follows an obsessive astronomer, Isaac (Patrick J. Adams), and his unconventional research partner, Clara (Trioan Bellisario), as they explore their difficult pasts while searching for life on distant planets. Although they are both seekers, Clara’s open-minded approach clashes with Isaac’s literal-mindedness. As they edge closer to finding habitable worlds, Isaac’s tunnel vision makes him blind to what Clara offers. This threatens to undo everything the pair has been working towards.

At its core, Clara is about the importance of human connection and love.

Clara premiered at TIFF on Sept. 10 at the Ryerson Theatre, and will be screening at film festivals in Halifax, Calgary, Edmonton, Sudbury, Vancouver, among many others. 

Take a listen to the full interview below: