SummerWorks ’17 Interview: Daniele Bartolini

9 August 2017 / by Philip Zave Wiseman
Featured Image for SummerWorks '17 Interview: Daniele Bartolini courtesy of Philip Zave  | CJRU

CJRU reporter, Philip Wiseman had the chance to speak with, Daniele Bortolini, the artistic director of The Invisible City. Read up on Phil’s review of this project here.

The Invisible City is produced by DLT (DopoLavoroTeatrale), an international company that is no stranger to SummerWorks. Their project The Stranger was part of SummerWorks 2014’s lineup.

They discuss Bartolini’s performance background and what it’s like to create an interactive experience for an audience. Have a listen to the interview below: