Authors for Indies: Interview with Heather Birrell

7 May 2015 / by Sara Cristiano
Featured Image for Authors for Indies: Interview with Heather Birrell courtesy of   | CJRU

May 2 marked Canada’s first Authors for Indies event. Authors for Indies is a day when well-known authors show their support for independent bookstores by visiting bookstores across Canada and volunteering as book sellers. 


One of these authors, Heather Birrell, is a Canadian writer who has released two short story compliations (Mad Hope and I Know You Are But What Am I?) and is currently working on her first novel. CJRU reporter Sara Cristiano was recently able to talk to Heather Birrell about her favourite authors, how she is able to balance her writing career with her teaching career, and more. 


Click below to listen to the full interview: