The Final Word – Lavender Literature

12 July 2022 / by Abhay
A cartoon cat is laying on a cartoon pile of books. The spine of the top book reads "Lavender Literature"

CJRU’s Abhay spoke with Jade Falsetti and Mira from Lavender Literature for the July 8 episode of The Final Word.

Lavender Literature is a sapphic literature group for queer youth in the GTA area. They host events every few weeks including book club meetings, tea parties, coffee socials, open night mics, and more.


“Finding Lavender Literature…it feels like you’re finally living life how you should be. I went from being extremely lonely to having 15 people in my community,” said a Lavender Literature team member. Lavender Literature is currently welcoming new members and seeking volunteers who can create content and do videography and photography. 


Jade Falsetti started Lavender Literature earlier this year after she realized that there weren’t any youth-centred Sapphic events for her to attend. “I really wanted to join a book club…mainly for sapphics. So I started a book club.”


Now Lavender Literature has expanded their events beyond just book club meetings. The book club is available to join through discord, and other Lavender Literature events include various youth meet-ups, such as open mic nights, bonfire nights, and tea parties.


To join, participate, or learn more about Lavender Literature, check out their Instagram, Other ways to engage with them are through their website; Pinterest, @lavenderliteratureto; and Tiktok, @lavenderliterature.


Want more? CJRU’s interview with Jade Falsetti and Lavender Literature’s head organizer, Mira, is now available on SoundCloud.