NXNE 2017: Festival Fashion

4 July 2017 / by Zahraa Hmood
Featured Image for NXNE 2017: Festival Fashion courtesy of Zahraa Hmood  | CJRU

Toronto’s North By Northeast (NXNE) Port Lands music festival brought music fans from all walks of life together for three days of live tunes and entertainment. Spanning the weekend of June 23 to 25, NXNE saw a lineup of big-name and niche favourites in hip-hop, electronic and indie rock, as well as rising stars from around the world and the city.

Along with that, the festival saw a lot of eclectic fashion from the performing artists and music fans alike. Festival fashion can either be rather monotonous (flower crowns, short shorts and – more often than not – brazen cultural appropriation) or it can bring out creative energy and showcase the unique senses of style people carry. The latter, I feel, was true of NXNE’s three-day spectacle.

Folks showed up to Port Lands dressed to impress, express or for pure comfort’s sake. To see some of Zahraa Hmood’s favourite looks at this year’s NXNE Port Lands, check out the photo gallery to the right →

Gallery: NXNE 2017: Festival Fashion