CMW 5 to Watch

3 May 2019 / by Adriel Smiley
Featured Image for CMW 5 to Watch courtesy of   | CJRU


This Edmonton based band made their mark appearing on the MuchMusic original series disBAND in 2009. Their lead single “Summer Girl” went double platinum in Canada and they were nominated for two Juno Awards. They have been generally quiet for almost a decade with no new music since 2011. They will be doing a reunion show on May 11 and The Rec Room.



Kevin Garrett

Kevin Garrett is a Grammy Nominated singer from Pittsburgh who’s soulful voice has taken him all over the world. His debut album Hoax was released this past March and his strongest body of work to date. His sound is a unique combination of strong and peaceful, Garrett is a must see during Canadian Music Week. 



Eadie is a talented songstress who successfully blends R&B, jazz, & folk. Just like one of her inspirations Amy Winehouse, her strength is her songwriting. Her singles “Pick Up the Phone”
and “Unthink You” give you an insight to her song while her verse on Middy’s “Ginchy” shows her vocal versatility. Eadie is putting for the east and is poised to make waves during Canadian Music Week.



This BC fire spitter is known for a lot of his popular covers on Youtube amassing over 130 million views on Youtube. His talents have taken him all over the globe for over 500 performances. Although humour plays a big part in his music this MC is no joke, his show is one of the most anticipated for Canadian Music Week




Patrik is one of the most underrated rappers coming out of the Toronto. Last fall his Spadina EP gave the world a taste of his hard hitting sound mixed with his insightful lyricism. A fearless performer Patrik is a guarantee to be a good show.