Camp Wavelength 2017: Nicole’s Top 5

18 August 2017 / by Nicole Di Donato
Featured Image for Camp Wavelength 2017: Nicole's Top 5 courtesy of Dilly Dally  | CJRU

Toronto’s beloved indie music festival Camp Wavelength is returning August 18 to 20 for its third year, with a diverse musical lineup, art installations and campfire comedy! The festival offers a relaxed festival vibe, making it standout from other music festivals in Toronto. 

The event, which usually takes place at Artscape Gibraltar Point on Toronto Island, has been relocated to various locations in the city as a result of the flooding on the island. Usually, Camp Wavelength offers camping on the island, but due to the location change, that is no longer an option for attendees. Instead, the festival has become “day camp in the city.”

The festival weekend will be split into two components: “Day Camp” which will take place at Sherbourne Common Park and will be free admission, while “Night Camp” will consist of ticketed 19+ shows at The Garrison and the Longboat Hall at The Great Hall. 

Headliners for the three-day festival are Deerhoof, Dilly Dally and Jessy Lanza. Other artists that will perform throughout the weekend include Tomi Swick, Exit Someone, Germaphobes, Witch Prophet, Haviah Mighty, L CON, Best Fern, Dan Goldman, Slowpitchsound, Zuze, She-Devils, Loji, Os Tropies, Datu, DJ Shub, Ice Cream, Duchess Says, the Luyas, Emilie & Ogden, Un Blonde and Rich Aucoin. 

Before hitting up Camp Wavelength, check out my top five list of artists to look out for below:

Dilly Dally  

I had to include Toronto’s four-piece punk rock band Dilly Dally on this list! Created by Katie Monks and Liz Ball, Dilly Dally is all about high energy, catchy tunes and amazing stage presence. Their debut LP Sore, which was released in 2015 via Buzz Records, is heavy and melodic. The album has nods to Sonic Youth, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Distillers and The Pogues. Sore is extremely dynamic, exploring ideas such as sexual release and challenges with self-reinvention after heart break. Another reason to love Dilly Dally: they did a cover of Drake’s hit single “Know Yourself.” The band added their signature soft grunge style while screaming the popular line “I was running through the 6ix with my woes.” Don’t miss your chance to watch Dilly Dally play live on August 19 at Longboat Hall at 10:20 p.m. 



Next on my list is Montreal 1950s-inspired surf pop and rock duo She-Devils. Influenced by artists such as Madonna, Iggy Pop and T-Rex, She-Devils put a new spin on vintage sounds. The combination of Audrey Ann Boucher’s soft, breathy vocals and Kyle Jukka’s sample-based production, makes for a sound that is fresh and original. The pair released their debut self-titled album on May 19 via Arbutus Records. With classic guitar riffs, sultry vocals and sugary synths, the album constructs a fun-house world of beautiful chaos. She-Devils are performing at 6 p.m. on August 20 at Sherbourne Common. 


Un Blonde 

Another artist you need to check out is Un Blonde, the solo project of Montreal-based musician, producer and composer Jean-Sebastian Audet. Audet takes a confessional approach to his songwriting and is known to create music of various genres, from contemporary R&B and indie pop to funk and soul. His latest album Good Will Come To You (released in 2016 on Egg Paper Factory) landed him a spot on the Long List for that year’s Polaris Music Prize. The album is Audet’s most intimate and fully formed work to date, featuring 21 songs that see him getting extra spiritual. A vinyl edition of the album is being released by Flemish Eye Records on Sept. 22. Audet is sure to perform songs off the album at Camp Wavelength, so be sure to catch his live set at Sherbourne Common on August 19 at 6 p.m. 


Os Tropies 

Toronto’s Os Tropies are unlike any other local band – they meld Brazilian Tropicália music with psychedelic rock, making for a sound that is truly unique. The group is comprised of six members of the Toronto music scene who share a love of the revolutionary Tropicália movement in the late 1960s in Brazil. With polyrhythmic grooves, sultry percussion and fuzzed out guitar, Os Tropies are able to capture the attention and interest of any listener. They released their debut album The Soil in November 2016. On the album, vocalist Amy Medvick sings in both English and Portuguese and explores colonialism, patriarchy and human destruction in her songwriting. Os Tropies is a band you need to see live! Check out their performance at The Garrison on August 18 at 8:30 p.m. 



L CON, the solo project of Toronto experimental pop singer-songwriter and composer Lisa Conway, is an act you won’t want to miss! Conway is no stranger to the local music scene – she has been producing and releasing music under various monikers for over a decade. Her new album, Moon Milk, is based on Italo Calvino’s short story collection The Cosmicomics. Moon Milk is ethereal, minimalist, experimental and spacey, with haunting vocals and vivid storytelling. Conway is currently working on a new album that has more of a personal feel to it. At Camp Wavelength, she will be performing songs off Moon Milk as well as some new tracks. Catch her show at Sherbourne Common on August 20 at 1 p.m.