Top 30: September 14, 2021

= Canadian Artist
= Torontonian Artist
# Artist Album Label
BOY GOLDEN Church of Better Daze Six Shooter Records
EVA TOLKIN City & Sky Self-Released
DUSTED III Self-Released
FLEECE Stunning & Atrocious Self-Released
REAL SICKIES Love Is For Lovers Stomp
TOMPA 01 NSEW Recordings
DIZZY Separate Places Royal Mountain
SMALL SINS Volume ll Arts & Crafts
HALF MOON RUN Inwards & Onwards The Pepper Gang
PAUL JACOBS Pink Dogs On The Green Grass Blow The Fuse
MOURAINE Bigger Dreams EP Birthday Cake
REYKJAVICTIM Face Forward, Don't Be Untoward 3186106 Records DK
HARKNESS The Occasion Windchild
BRAD SUCKS A New Low in Hi-Fi Self-Released
GANG OF YOUTHS total serene Warner Bros. Records UK
BROS Vol. 2 Dine Alone
LAROIE Speed Of Life Self-Released
FIELD MUSIC Flat White Moon Memphis Industries
MY IDEA That's My Idea Hardly Art
CARPET OF HORSES Ballroom Self-Released
JOE AUGUST Modern Sound of Quiet Self-Released
REC CENTRE Pep Talk Self-Released
THE GRASSHOPPER LIES HEAVY A Cult That Worships A God of Death Learning Curve
CHARLES SPEARIN My City Of Starlings Arts & Crafts
THE FOREIGN FILMS Starlight Serenade Self-Released
PART-TIME COOL Five Four Three Two One Life Makes Life Suck
ROYAL CANOE Sidelining Paper Bag
COLOURING OUTSIDE Dead and Dying Town Barely Imaginary