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How is Met Radio managed?

Met Radio is a not-for-profit project managed by a board of directors representing the students, the volunteers and the University. If you have a question related to governance, please contact

How do I get a Public Service Announcement or my event
promoted on the air?

Contact our Program Director at

I'm an artist, how can I submit my music?

Met Radio supports local and Canadian artists, but anyone is invited to submit CD and digital album and ep releases. We do not accept singles.

Along with your music please include the following information: band name, album title, explicit tracks and suggested tracks.

All digital files must be at least 256 kbps and should include proper metadata. Send digital submissions to

During the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent closures, physical albums are not being added at this time. please send digital albums.

How can I stay in touch?

How can students get involved?

Met Radio is a special radio station because it is licensed as a campus and community broadcaster. We are partly funded by a generous levy from the students of Toronto Metropolitan University. There are a number of ways for students to get involved at their campus station.

  • Internships: complete your course internship at our station. Campus community stations are great spaces to learn and try things out. We work with all interns to create a work plan that focuses on developing skills and experiences based around the interns interests and goals. Met Radio commits some funds each year to pay honorariums.
  • Hosting and Producing: Create and develop your own programming to brighten up your portfolio, pursue a passion or learn new technical skills. Campus radio is a fun way to network on and off campus! Met Radio staff love to promote student work to the wider community.
  • Collective Programming: We know students have busy schedules, but our station accepts volunteer productions large or small! We offer a number of opportunities to help make radio as part of a team. We have both spoken word and music collectives that are always looking for new team members.
  • Course Work Spotlights: We are always interested in listening to the work you’ve created in class and airing work that fits in our mandate. We’re also interested in developing programming around coursework so if you’re a professor, be in touch. We provide studio access and equipment to students who are producing for Met Radio. This is open to all faculties and full, part time and graduate students.

Paid Positions

Our station has a number of paid positions, some of which are exclusively available for students. Check our Station Blog for current opportunities. Met Radio also commits funds each year to pay students to produce a special documentary series. We also connect students with opportunities through our community partner agencies