Advertising Projects

Radio Everywhere | For Non-Profit Organizations

General Advertising | For Local Businesses, Music Artists and Small Record Labels

Radio Everywhere

Radio Everywhere is a CJRU project with the aim of uplifting community voices and getting them onto the airwaves. As a part of this mission, we’re offering free PSA air time and production services to organizations in our community. Whether they use the space to promote an upcoming event, encourage community involvement, or simply to raise their public profile, we hope that by making our platform accessible to community partners, we can play a role in supporting the valuable contributions they’re making to our communities. 

Since launching, Radio Everywhere has amplified the voices of local organizations such as: The Encampment Support Network, Story Planet, Accesso, and the Continuing Education Students Association of X University (CESAX). This project is funded and made possible by the Community Radio Fund of Canada. Want to learn more? Check it out here

If you are a non-profit organization, apply to receive free advertising on CJRU 1280 AM

General Advertising

CJRU 1280 AM provides a variety of advertising packages to local businesses, artists and small record labels looking to promote their business, albums/singles and labels on air.

Choose from a variety of ad packages that meet your promotional needs, or work with our advertising coordinator to create a custom ad package that fits your budget. Our in-house production team will record and produce a 30 second advertisement based on a script provided by you, the client. Our social media coordinator will also work with you to promote your exclusive giveaways on our social platforms!

If you are a business owner, music artist or small record label, contact our advertisement coordinator at for more information.