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Another World That Sounds Like You is a radio series produced in collaboration with SAVAC x Gallery TPW x Met Radio 1280 AM, based on the works featured in the exhibition of the same name held at Gallery TPW between January 27 ~ April 1, 2023. More information is available here.

What is the role of listening to sounds, chants, and music in social movements? How do they inform and incite each other? How does listening transmit through the body and mind to generate immaterial social relations and reverberations? How does listening together transform our thinking from individualism to collectivism whether transitory or permanent?

The episodes of the radio series feature the audio works and discussions around them, airing in the 10:00 am hour on Tuesdays between February 7 ~ March 14:

Episode 0: “Preview”
Conversations with Annie Wong, Curator of Programming and Public Engagement at Gallery TPW, and Toleen Touq, curator of the exhibit. Hosted by Quinton Bradshaw.

Episode 1: “Hazzeh” by Hong-Kai Wang
In “Hazzeh,” which means quiver as well as earthquake in Arabic, Hong-Kai Wang deploys listening as a way of accessing the depths of sadness at the Jordan/Palestine border around Jericho, Ajloun, and the Dead Sea. Episode hosted by Emily Chiarvesio.

Episode 2: “Memorial to Lost Words” by Bani Abidi
In “Memorial to Lost Words,” Bani Abidi gleans from historical archives of censored letters and forgotten folk songs to conjure up a complex world of longing, fear and displacement as experienced by Indian Soldiers who served in the Great War. Episode hosted by Gladys Lou.

Episode 3: “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot #1, #2, #3″ by JJJerome Ellis
In “Swing Low, Sweet Chariot #1, 2, and 3,” JJJJJerome Ellis performs the famous African-American “signal song.” According to musician and educator Dr. Phyllis Wade, African Americans used signal songs to communicate about escape through the Underground Railroad. Episode hosted by Gladys Lou.

Episode 4: “Billions of Simultaneous Motions” by Nick Dourado
Drawing from their vast interdisciplinary collection of research, Nick Dourado’s audio piece “Billions of Simultaneous Motions” seeks to contextualize the intersections of space, vibration, sound and construction. Episode hosted by Emily Chiarvesio.

Episode 5: “Lovesong Revolution” by Urok Shirhan
“Lovesong Revolution” is a sound essay that traverses past and recent instances of public speech, bodies in the street, political songs and sounds while asking the question, “Can a song start a revolution?” Episode hosted by Annie Wong.



Emily Chiarvesio is an audio producer, musician, and radio show host of Met Radio radio program, Tea & Jams. She currently works as a producer for Corus Entertainment.

Gladys Lou is a Hong Kong-Canadian artist and writer studying art at University of Toronto. She works with experimental media to tell stories about identity, mental health, and existentialism. She currently works at the Blackwood Gallery and is a member of the Power Plant’s Emerging Artist Network 2022-2023. Find out more about her work at gladyslou.com.

Annie Wong is an artist and the Curator of Programming and Public Engagement at Gallery TPW.



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