November Workshops at Met Radio

10 November 2023 / by Quinton Bradshaw

Over the course of November, Met Radio is running a number of community workshops focusing on live radio production skills! They will all be facilitated by industry professionals, and are free to attend.

Bands on Air!: Tuesday, November 14th, 6 – 8pm

In this workshop we’ll demonstrate an example of how to record a live musical performance of a small band or ensemble in the Met Radio studios. 

We’ll go over procedures and tips for: 

  • Pre-production and setup
  • Mic selection and placement
  • Capturing appropriate audio levels
  • Live mixing and monitoring
  • Post production and mixing

We’ll also answer your questions, and hopefully leave you feeling confident about taking on a comparable recording session yourself. 

Facilitated by Spencer Sunshine, an engineer at The Orange Lounge in Toronto. He is a lover of some of the heaviest metal that exists but his engineering credits span a ton of genres from Alessia Cara to PUP to  Diana Krall to name just a few.

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Breaking News: Thursday, November 23rd, 6:30 – 8pm

The value of news is being able to talk about it as it happens– something that can really only be accomplished through live news broadcasting. In this workshop you’ll learn how to write to deliver important news updates to your audience, including how to navigate a time crunch and how to deliver news without a script. You’ll also learn how to spot relevant news stories and incorporate produced elements into your live newscast. Aspiring reporters will get to hear and practice field reporting techniques and in just an hour and a half, you’ll be able to produce a live-to-tape news story that you can add to your portfolio. Plus, get answers to your most pressing radio or general journalism career questions during a Q&A. 

Facilitated by Sofia Vavaroutsos, a news reporter and anchor for CityNews 680, Toronto’s #1 all-news station.

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DJ Workshop: Wednesday, November 29th, 6 – 8pm

Learn the art of mixing and beatmatching on our brand new in-studio DJ console!

Facilitated by the team behind KIF Radio, a locally-produced music podcast and radio program showcasing nothing but the most recent Afrobeats, R&B and hip-hop from the legends of tomorrow. Hosted by Toronto DJs, IMVNZI and Sound Curator.

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