Canadian Podcasters are Here to Play

12 June 2024 / by Sarra Gillani
Soundwave Summit 2024

Prospective creatives and trained sound engineers alike gathered to learn more about the podcasting industry at the first-ever Soundwave Summit. Co-organized by Amanda Cupido, Shirley Joseph and Michael Mongiardi, the event featured notable Canadian producers, marketing experts and storytellers. Here are my top 3 takeaways from the day:


Establishing a Community 


An engaged and active audience is vital to a show’s longevity and can create exciting opportunities. Though consistent content and social media presence are important, interactivity through meet-ups, newsletters, and question-and-answer segments can build community around the podcast. 


Shirley Joseph, co-founder of The Chonilla Network and leader of the Black Canadian Creators online community, highlighted the need for audience recognition and inclusion as it was instrumental in her own journey. 


Pitching to a Podcast Network or Potential Sponsor


Whether trying to join a podcast network or attract advertisers, one thing was made clear 一 you need a media kit.  


Michael Mongiardi, co-founder of The Sonar Network, emphasized the importance of showing you care and believe in your concept by creating a pitch deck. Accurate download numbers, watch-time statistics, social media engagement, a format and frequency plan, and a sample recording of an episode are all important features of a good network pitch. 


With a background in talent management, Ubah Guled recommended including a bio, headshot, links to recent or most viewed episodes, and notable guests in a media kit for sponsors.


AI and the Future of Podcasting


Podcasting is still a growing field, and more and more people are tuning in. With AI being tested and adopted, many facets of audio production and editing will be simplified in the near future. 


Though AI has been quite controversial, Amanda Cupido, founder of Lead Podcasting, recommended experimenting with it. As AI learns through user requests, using it will help it become more useful faster.